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Welcome on the CSP homepage at Wygwam™.

Dear visitor,

We’re delighted to welcoming you on this CSP-specific section of the Wygwam™’s web site.

As you certainly do know, Wygwam™ is one of the 3 founding partners of CSP. While the other partners have created CSP components to efficiently manage your City, Wygwam™ has focused on components to efficiently communicate with your Citizens using the tools they already know and used on a daily basis.

You’ll find the essential information about CSP on the official CSP Web Site: and you’ll be able to download the CSP core components on the download site

What will you find here?

On this web site, you’ll find 3 CSP components:

  • On this web site, you’ll find 3 CSP components: A “virtual public servant” that can talk to citizen 24h by 7, provide information or redirect the visitor to the appropriate information source through the use of Windows Live Messenger.
  • A community-based “City TV” that can be used to support all citizen or city-generated video content. This is an amazing communication mechanism that can be used by all the actors in the city (non-profit, commercial, city services – police, firemen, emergency, etc). Of course, it’s equipped with a process that enables video publishing and filtering.
  • A “RSS collector” Sharepoint webpart that enables city management to decide what information needs to be shown on the city homepage. The information is collected using the standard RSS feed format.

All these elements are made available for download and are provided with a full documentation that you can use to test these solution elements.

How to download the components?

To download demo versions of the components, we will ask you to fill-out a registration form.

Once this form completed, we will send you an e-mail with your personal access code and a link to a download site where you’ll be able to get hold of the requested elements.

More information? Help required?

Wygwam™ is available to help you. Our experts will gladly travel the world and help you implement CSP for your city.

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on and we will come back to you in no time.

Our country managers, Gregoire Malvoisin in France and Alain Leroy in Belgium are also available for specific partnership requests you may have.